Pokemon Go Trick Tips: How To Use Journal To Improve Egg Distance Tracking

Pokemon Go players could use Journal to improve their Egg distance tracking. Several users have complained that the Egg tracker has been plagued by bugs.

Egg Distance Tracking Solution

A Reddit user, Isantum, posted his experience with the faulty egg distance tracker and how he came up with a solution. It seems the Pokemon Go game has a problem correctly calculating the egg distance. The player claimed he walked a total distance of three kilometers but the game only recorded a little well over a kilometer for his effort.

Pokemon Go Player's Backdrop

Isantum presented a brief backdrop of his situation. He plays Pokemon go using a 2G network when out catching Pokemon. A 2G network is slow but saves a lot on battery and money. He also tends to get disconnected quite often whenever the network traffic surges.

Players have to prepare themselves when they see the white Pokeball icon of death appearing in their screen. It usually appears when connection with the Niantic server has been lost due to heavy net traffic.

This can also affect the Pokemon game a lot. Trainers will have problems timing a Pokemon spawning and also miscalculates the distance covered by the players.

Journal Solution For Egg Hatching

Fortunately, the player found a novel solution to the Pokemon Go disconnection problem. Opening the journal also refreshes the game. It's quite handy for hatching Pokemon Eggs. Isantum boasted that it took him less than half hour to hatch open a 2KM Egg. Journal can also helped player recover the distance they traveled in hatching a Pokemon Egg.

Some have also suggested switching their smartphones to Airplane mode in case the Journal method does not work. It may not work all the time but at least it may help players recover grounds lost when they are disconnected from Pokemon Go.

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