The Popularity Of Tom Clancy's The Division Is Starting To Fade

Tom Clancy's The Division is among the games that is heavily exploited with bugs and glitches. It even epitomizes how a successful title can become a tradedy if such issues aren't resolved. In one way or another, it's safe to say that the game is now far from being popular. Heck, infamous might even be the right term to use to describe it. But really, is the game's popularity starting to fade?

One thing's for sure: Tom Clancy's The Division is currently in crisis. During the so-called State of the Game, developer Massive announced that the title is unfortunately in a broken state. Obviously, this doesn't come as a surprise to most fans, as they've since been complaining about the game's never-ending exploitations.

Most certainly, the Tom Clancy's The Division devs have lots of things to consider. From weapons to gears to inventory management to a gazillion stuff, fixing it will surely be rigorous work to do. Otherwise, they won't be asking the community to help them patch things up in Sweden.

Sure, this could be a huge step towards making Tom Clancy's The Division bug-free. But of course, it can't be denied that the game's popularity -- or perhaps momentum (if it ever had in the past few months) -- is starting to fade. A great number of fans, despite still clinging to the prowess of hope, is starting to doubt its potentials.

In fact, as what Forbes notes, Tom Clancy's The Division is just the kind of game that's taking a good amount of time in fixing. Because really, these issues have been there since time immemorial and yet no solid fixes were don. Fans have been clamoring about the bugs and glitches, but it seems Massive is just too busy developing DLCs instead of solutions. Without a doubt, they seemed to have turned the other cheek.

It remains a mystery as to what exactly triggered the studio to pour their utmost attention to Tom Clancy's The Division. Perhaps, they've finally realized that DLCs are not what fans are after to this time. Or maybe someone out there knock their senses out. Either way, players can only hope for the best in due time.

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