'Attack On Titan' Mobile Game Update: 3 Biggest Spoilers Before Q4 2016 Release on iOS, Android

"Attack on Titan" is headed for a mobile game version as a collaboration project of the NGames Interactive, Funimation Entertainment, and GameSamba. "Attack on Titan" will be available in almost all English markets for iOS and Android devices by the end of 2016.

"Attack on Titan" Mobile Game Developer

The NGames is an interactive company, which specializes in publishing online and mobile games like "Attack on Titan" and other high-quality titles to the market.

"Attack on the Titan" will also be created by GameSamba, a publisher and a developer of many free-to-play titles on the mobile platform. The company has studios worldwide, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seattle.

"Attack on Titan" Storyline

The mobile game Attack on Titan is going to be an action-packed hack and slash game with a great story. The Attack on Titan game is also an adaptation of the massively successful anime series, Attack on Titan. Avid fans of the game may also be able to play the game anywhere on their mobile devices.

The objective in "Attack on Titan" is to bring down the towering enemies. Attack on Titan players need to be careful in timing their attacks and movements to avoid being eaten by the Titans that eat human beings and spit their digested bodies afterwards.

"Attack on Titan" Gameplay

In order to survive the brutal world of "Attack on Titan," players need to react and move quickly in the mobile game. The "Attack on Titan" anime sold more than 50 million copies of printed manga, with only 25 episodes in anime.

"Attack on Titan's" game developers have been eager to show players what the game can do, given the popularity of the anime series and the live action movies in 2015. It should be noted that the movies fell short of some expectations, but the mobile games are guaranteed to give the fans the action they need. Watch "Attack on Titan" mobile game here.

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