Pokemon Go News: Game's Profit Tops Several Hollywood Blockbuster Movies

Pokemon Go has still led the craze since its release last July. Pokemon Go is still two months old, but the mobile app has already been earning a great amount of revenue. It has surprisingly beat hollywood blockbuster movies in terms of its earnings. Niantic has seen a $440 million worth of revenues of the game all-over the world. This income has surpassed the earnings of major Hollywood films such as Warcraft, Independence Day Resurgence, and Angry Birds.

Despite the fact that Warcraft was the most successful video game during the summer season, whereas Star Trek and Ghostbusters are film franchises that have done so well in the blockbuster spot, Pokemon Go has still managed to encompass the record of the said films. According to The Bit Bag, Pokemon Go's total net revenue has already reached $308 million. It has increased for more that $100 million from its income that was reported last August. The reason for this big amount of earnings are the interest of people to buy Pokecoins in place of movie tickets. Despite this great news, Pokemon Go failed to return to the top spot in app stores.

This is because of the game's major issues. However, Pokemon Go is still $4 million per day. Despite Pokemon Go's popularity, it is still not available in major countries of the world such as India and China. According to Game Rant, the application has an average download rate of 180 million downloads all over the world. Around 12 percent of the total number of smartphones in the USA has Pokemon Go installed in it. Statistics indicate that users in the USA spend around 32 minutes as an average time they spend on playing the game.

To date, Pokemon Go remains as the top-grossing mobile game application in the US. Developer of the game, Niantic has been consistently adding features to the game, especially that the holiday season is fast-approaching.


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