Overwatch Rumor: Sombra Teaser Site – Manually Updated? Source Code Reveals More

Overwatch pundits discovered that the Sombra teaser site is reportedly being updated manually. The two Spanish sentences in the source code site reveal a message to Overwatch fans.

Sombra - A Moment in Crime Site Update

As of press time, the teaser site counter is almost at 20 percent. It was also observed that the Sombra Protocol version change from "v1.9" to "v.195".

Initially, questions have been raised about the consistency of the Sombra counter. But it seems that the counter only became consistent after hitting around five percent. It is estimated that the percentage counter increases by 0.0038 every three minutes. Based on the counter's progress, it may reach 100 percent on October 17 at the latest. Of course, Sombra's release date would have to be approved by Blizzard Entertainment.

amomentincrime Site Source Code

Overwatch fans familiar with HTML noticed something odd in the source code of the amomentincrime website. A timer like this usually shows a special format of some kind. But site's source code seems to be merely text, according to YouTube presenter Rhykker.

Two theories have been presented to explain this. First it could be manually updated. It is tedious, but doable considering Blizzard's resources. There is also the possibility that there is an outside script manually updating the counter percentage.

Sombra Message in the amomentincrime Source Code

There are two Spanish sentences place in the Sombra update source code. The first sentence is loosely translated to congratulating the reader for "getting the password but hacking the television program is meaningless". Player should "wait for what's coming". The second sentence further emphasized the first one.

There is little direct confirmation from Blizzard about Sombra. But the site is clearly telling Overwatch fans to patiently wait for her until she is ready. Meanwhile, players could pass the time by taking part in the upcoming Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 slated for launch on September 5.

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