Overwatch Players Can Become E-sport’s Latest Superstars Earning Millions In Prize Money

Overwatch players, at least the good ones, can expect thousands of viewers watching them play the game online. It is also believed that Overwatch will become Blizzard's biggest e-sport event where millions of dollars in prize money could be won.

Overwatch is Fun and Easy to Watch

A game that is both fun for the players and easy to watch is the most important objective for developers to consider, according to ESPN. These two objectives can sometimes be hard to balance which is why Blizzard's success in Overwatch is no small matter. Check here the next Overwatch games and Tournaments

Overwatch Offers Unique Take on FPS Game

Unlike the games with more "serious" themes, Overwatch is more of the fantasy kind. Reality takes a step backwards as players fire their Tesla Cannons, Heavy Pulse Rifle, Pulse Bombs or similar fancy weapons. Several characters also possess superhuman abilities. For example, Trace can use her Blink ability to zip through space and reappear a few meters away.

Blizzard undoubtedly designed Overwatch in such a unique way that it could not be mistaken for other first person shooter games.

Blizzard's Total Support

Blizzard Entertainment is serious in making games like Overwatch into an esport event. In preparation, the company even bought Major League Gaming to set up an esport infrastructure. The various Overwatch playable characters offer features and characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

Overwatch has Professional Players' Attention

An NPR report recently reported that professional gamer like Brandon Larned could attract audiences by the thousands whenever he plays Overwatch. This is an indication that the Blizzard game has the potential of becoming an esport event potentially capable of drawing a large number of fans and players alike.

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