What If The Elder Scrolls 6 Introduces A Fallout 4 Feature Like Settlements?

There have been tons of talks about The Elder Scrolls 6 lately. Fans from all over the world believe that it's going to introduce features that are somewhat unique to the franchise as a whole. But among these interesting additions is the so-called Settlements -- a feature famously known in Bethesda's another hit title Fallout 4. But will it happen? And if so, what would it be like?

In a sense, The Elder Scrolls 6 could actually heavily benefit from a feature like Settlements. It's worth noting that such add-on made Fallout 4 great. Fans have the means to craft mechanics and other stuff, thanks to the aforesaid system. Without a doubt, it brought the title to a whole new level.

If The Elder Scrolls 6 takes a similar road, then it has every potential to accumulate the same success. Well, actually, its triumph is already inevitable. But with the addition of Settlements, it'll only further cement its glory in the Hall of Fame.

According to GamingBolt, Settlements is among the features that fans have been hoping for to see in The Elder Scrolls 6. In fact, most have desired for other Bethesda titles to include it. In one way or another, the said feature could heavily fit in the forthcoming game. After all, Skyrim -- the previous and latest entry -- already offered such version (through the Hearthfire content), only that it was smaller and limited in size.

The inclusion of Settlements in The Elder Scrolls 6 could pave the way for city management to happen. It'll present a new meta for the game, bringing a new feat for players to explore. Aside from that, it'll give them the joy of crafting things according to their preferences.

As a matter of fact, it's very unlikely for The Elder Scrolls 6 fans to complain of such system. And yes, Fallout 4 can be a living proof to that. Nevertheless, the feature as well as the other ones are still a mystery. After all, Bethesda has yet to deal with topic.

What do you think about Settlements in The Elder Scrolls 6? Do you want Bethesda to include such feature? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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