SpaceX Launch Failure; Due To Alien Intervention?

Alien conspiracy theorists are very firm in their belief that alien UFOs are the ones that are responsible for the launch failure of the ill-fated Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket, as it can be seen on some video footage that a mysterious flying object flew past the rocket seconds before it exploded.

The Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket, which is funded by Elon Musk, burst into flames due to a failue in the launch sequence. It is surely a financially and technologically devastating loss for the company, which led people to question the integrity and security of the private space program.

Based on further investigations, the explosion was due to a problem in the rocket engine that created a spark, resulting in the explosion of the entire system and ultimately leading to the damage of the launch pad.

SpaceX released a media statement last Friday, stating that a full-scale investigation is schduled to take place. 

"We are currently in the early process of reviewing approximately 3,000 channels of telemetry and video data covering a time period of just 35 to 55 milliseconds as part of an investigation with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, and the US Air Force to determine the exact cause of the explosion," the statement said. 

Alien conspiracy theorists, however, state that the explanation for the SpaceX launch's failure could be seen in the video footage all along. UFO aficionados say that the mysterious flying object was not a bird or a bug, as it was only deformed in the video due to the hypersonic speeds of which it was travelling in.

A supporter of this theory described the UFO thoery to The Express.

"If between the left tower and right tower there is at least a quarter mile and the so called bug beamed from one end to the other in 1/4 second then that bug is at least going 3,600mph minimum. It's not a bird, it's an alien with a laser that destroyed the rocket. You can tell it is not a bird or a bug. Look at how the left tower hides the UFO behind it when you slow it down near the top. This indicates the UFO is behind the tower, not in-front of the camera lens dropping the possibility of a bug," the conspiracy theorist stated.

However, this is not enough to convince everyone, with one YouTube user saying "Which is more likely: a UFO destroys the rocket or volatile fuels accidentally ignite during rocket fueling?

Whichever the case may be, the possibility that aliens are the ones who are responsible for the SpaceX explosion is not entirely dismissible. After all, aliens might already be among us, knowing that the universe is a vast expanse of unknown scale.

With the above scientific fact stated, extraterrestrial alien life has a sound basis to be true, whether or not they are responsible for the SpaceX failure or if they are just surrounding us.

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