SpaceX Rocket Explosion Affects Tesla's Ambitious Plans

The SpaceX Rocket recently experienced a disasterous failure during a launching sequence in which the company hoped to bring a satellite into Outer Space. With this, the company that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, founded in 2002 is facing heavy scrutiny.

Millions of dollars have been put to waste together with the satellite that was inside the SpaceX rocket, which Facebook hoped would bring internet access throughout the African landscape. The SpaceX tragedy adds up to the list of financial and technical misfortunes that SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity has been experiencing lately. The three companies are living proof of the ambitious nature of Elon Musk in making science fiction  into reality.

SpaceX Breeds Doubts For Future Projects

Elon Musk's credibility has surely been question with the recent SpaceX rocket explosion, especially in terms of if his  plans are indeed realistic. This would surely give doubts to possible investors on SpaceX's supposed continuous space propagandas, as well pushing with SolarCity. Truly, the consequences of the recent SpaceX failure would make company heads double think about future space missions .

Elon Musk is a man who has the charisma and confidence to raise standards and make them seem attainable, describes Time. This is made true by the CEO's promise of pursuing a mission to Mars in just a matter of two years, by merging SolarCity and Tesla and also speeding up Tesla's production speed. Surely, the SpaceX tragedy is not just confined to SpaceX, but to SolarCity and Tesla as well, which possibly might make Elon Musk think twice about pursuing further risky missions.

Future Of Elon Musk After SpaceX Tragedy

2016 has proven to be a challenging year for Elon Musk; the more his goals increase, the more the risks pile up. Surely, this will not be the end of the influx of challenges that Elon Musk will face, for there will be more yet to come.

It is just a matter of if he can stand the challenges and turn his dreams into a reality. But as of now, there are a lot of things that he needs to realize to the successful realization of a more hi-tech world.

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