'Stranger Things' Season 2 News And Updates: Producers Confirm Expanding Storyline And Mythologies In Upcoming Season

"Stranger Things" is now one of the most talked about original series on Netflix and the official announcement of its second season has led the fans to more anticipation. With the series not due to premiere its second season until next year, there have been more revelations as to what to expect.

"Stranger Things" To Tackle More Mythologies In Upcoming Season 2

Just recently, Netflix has officially announced "Stranger Things" to be coming back for its second season. Although fans have expected it, they are just waiting for it to be confirmed. Executive producer of the show, Dan Cohen tells all that he could about the upcoming sequel.

He has confirmed that there will be new characters added to the series when it returns for its second season. He also added that "Stranger Things" will also be tackling more on the mythologies that have been undertaken previously during the first season, as reported by Yahoo. He also mentioned how the showrunners, Duffer brothers, are intending to make a "great sequel and yet expands the world."

When asked why it took so long for Netflix to announce its renewal given that it is already expected, Cohen said it was a good tactic by the network especially now that the fans are making more focus on the show since they have been anticipating for the announcement to be made.

Episode Titles For Season 2 Of "Stranger Things" Revealed

When the official announcement of its renewal was made, it came along with a video releasing the episode titles of the upcoming second season of "Stranger Things." This has then led the fans to come up with theories about what is in store for each coming episode, given just the title alone.

The season premiere for one, is going to be entitled "MADMAX" which will focus on catching up with the residents of Hawkin, Indiana since they will premiere with a one year time-jump from the end of the first season.

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