Microsoft Surface Phone vs iPhone 7: Can Apple Keep It's Crown?

The Microsoft Surface Phone has been rumored to make an appearance some time this year. It was said that the phone will be launched for the first time, replacing the Microsoft Lumia brand. If it does get launched, this would bring back the good old 'Apple versus Microsoft' rivalry, especially now that the iPhone 7 is here.

Microsoft Surface Phone Specs

As per sources, the Microsoft Surface Phone will come with super hefty specs, just like the other Surface devices. It was said that the phone will come with 8 GB RAM, Kaby Lake processor, Windows 10 Redstone operating system, and Snapdragon 821 SoC.

It was also said that there will be three phone variants where lower variants would have 3 GB and 6 GB RAM. According to rumors, the Surface phone will have a 5.2 inch screen with 2K AMOLED display.

According to a different source, the Surface Phone will have an 8 MP front camera with triple flash and a 21 MP rear camera. On top of this, a USB Type C port might also come with the phone. As for the price of the Microsoft Surface Phone, it might be at around $1099.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs

The Apple iPhone 7 is said to come with a 4.7-inch screen with 326 PPI. The phone would run iOS 10 and Apple A10 chip and it would come with 2 GB RAM. Its cameras would be 12 MP for the rear one and 5 MP for the selfie camera. Furthemore, the new Apple iPhone 7 boasts a waterproof body, fingerprint sensor, and the rumored dual camera system.

However, the iPhone 7 may not come with a traditional 3.5 mm earphone jack. So it is expected that the Apple flagship for 2016 will have a more unique design. It would probably be slimmer and more classy than ever.

iPhone 7, Surface Phone 2016 Release

The iPhone 7 will make a debut September 7 at Apple's event. The Surface Phone on the other hand is not yet sure. But rumor has is that if the phone doesn't make an appearance at the current IFAs event, then Microsoft might have its own event on October to launch all of the latest Surface devices.

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