Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Now On Sale, Indicates Surface Pro 5's Arrival?

A recent report from a Windows-oriented blog revealed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is currently on sale at the Microsoft store. What used to be an $899 Surface Pro 4, is now being sold for just $749. The tablet with Intel m3 processor, 128 GB storage, and 4 GB RAM is getting a $150 price cut on the verge of rumors about its successor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 On Sale

According to the source, the Surface Pro 4 will stay on sale up to September 6 only and this is just for the tablet. The Touch covers aren't included in this deal. It's worth mentioning though, that this is not the first time the Surface Pro 4 gets a price cut. Earlier this August it was also reported that the device got a $150 price drop as well. At the last week of August, another similar Sale also came to surface in the form of an eBay seller.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming Up?

According to numerous sources, new Surface devices are coming up this year, and this includes the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. With all these on-sale Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices, it becomes easy to assume that the rumors about a new launch are actually true.

There have been news about an October announcement from Microsoft, but none of which have been confirmed. However, various leaksters and tipsters have been able to gather enough rumors to come up with the device's overall specifications.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs

As per most Microsoft Surface Pro 5 reports, this new device will run Windows' upcoming update called the Redstone 2. The device will then run Intel's Kaby Lake and either of AMD's or NVIDIA's graphic chip. Furthermore, the Surface Pro 5 is also expected to work naturally with the Surface Pen.

Aside from those upgrades, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is also expected to be as top-tier as its predecessor. Price is still difficult to determine, but its release date is assumed to be either late 2016 or early 2017. It is supposed that the company is waiting for the release of the Intel Kaby Lake and Windows 10 Redstone 2 before they launch the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.


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