NBA Trade Rumors: LeBron James Threatened By Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry-Kevin Durant Tandem? 'The King' To Reunite With Dwyane Wade?

The Golden State Warriors successfully added a key player in their roster as it acquires Kevin Durant in the recent free agency.

With this major upgrade, the team now has a Stephen Curry-Kevin Durant tandem that allegedly threatens LeBron James. According to reports, their team play can give an advantage to Golden State Warriors to claim victory over Cleveland Cavaliers.

Apparently, the said acquisition is fitting since Kevin Durant is aiming for his first NBA championship while the Golden States Warriors are keen on bagging the title this season. This might threaten LeBron James.

Although other NBA teams have made improvements in their roster, all eyes are set on the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers as they are predicted to most likely dominate the Western and Eastern Conferences, respectively. With Kevin Durant teaming up with Stephen Curry, they might be a real threat to other teams.

However, Stephen Curry is reportedly slated for free agency next summer, thus making him available to sign any ball clubs he deems fit. In fact, rumors claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers is eyeing the said basketball star.

This might seem unlikely possible though, since the Golden State Warriors has a powerful roster with Klay Thompson, Draymind Green, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Keeping the said line-up is only reasonable since they can possibly bring home the championship with the help of these guys.

"It's going to be a different vibe because it's a different team and different dynamics with different players with KD joining us. ... We have probably six or seven new guys." Curry said. "All that narrative around our team, how people view us, doesn't really matter to us. We are who we are, and we're championship contenders going forward."

Meanwhile, LeBron James was "not happy" with J.R. Smith's departure from Cleveland Cavaliers. According to reports, James tried his best to win Smith back. James is known for being influential in the team. In fact, he was the one responsible for bringing Coach Tyron Lue in the Cleveland Cavaliers that resulted to the team's first NBA title.

If "The King" could not get what he wants and the Cavs falls short in defending their title, rumors claim that the basketball superstar might reunite with Dwayne Wade in Chicago Bulls.

It can be recalled that old pals LeBron James and Dwayne Wade has been an effective tandem in their time at the Miami Heat. The two played four championships together and won two of them. According to Sam Smith, James and Wade originally planned to join Chicago Bulls in 2010. This might become a reality if James followed Wade who just signed with the said team.

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