PlayStation 4 Neo, PlayStation 4 Slim FAQ's: Specs, Price And Latest Updates

Sony will unveil a potentially new set of improved video game consoles in its September 7 event known as the PlayStation Meeting. The name of the event speaks for itself, giving rise to various speculations about new improvements on its PlayStation consoles.

Perhaps a slim version of the PlayStation is set to be unveiled, as it started to appear in rumors last month. Unofficial statements say that the PlayStation 4 Slim would not feature any new software upgrades, but that it will have minor changes such as the removed optical port and the new position of the light bar in the controller.

Why should I purchase a PlayStation 4 Neo?

First of all, the PlayStation 4 Neo is said to feature a capability of supporting a 4K gaming resolution. If this is the case then it would surely beat the competition against the Xbox One S, as the PlayStation 4 Neo will be the first video game console to feature such a revolutionary feat.

Will the PlayStation VR be worth the wait?

It is very evident that the PlayStation 4 Neo is directly connected to the PlayStation VR as it is an upgrade to the immersive experience. With this, it is suggested that a PlayStation 4 user should have a VR, but not necessarily immediately. Therefore, it is obviously worth the wait.

What is the price of the PlayStation 4 Neo?

If one was to base on the price of the original PlayStation 4 which is $350, then surely, the new PlayStation 4 Neo will have a price higher than that as it has better features. This brings one to the possibility of a $400 retail price for the unit and one controller.

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