5 PlayStation 4.5 Neo Features That Should Be Present

Sony is approaching the much-anticipated release and unveiling of its refreshed video game console - the PlayStation 4 Neo. Its rival, the Xbox One S, has already been released to the market, making the PS4 Neo launch a strategic move for Sony to go head-to-head with its direct competitor.

The PlayStation 4 Neo is running on a powerful AMD system-on-a-chip, similar to that of Microsoft's Project Scorpio. What makes it different though is that Sony is unveiling all of the PlayStation 4 Neo variants to the public all at once.

Here are some of the features that the PlayStation 4 Neo should have to make it a true success.

PlayStation 4 Neo 4K Resolution

The PlayStation 4 Neo is required to have a 4K resolution to support its video and gaming capabiities. The 2160p platform for graphical resolutions is indeed a tough job, however, this is the standard of today's visual audience.

PlayStation 4 Neo Backward Compatibility

Sony seems to be confirming the speculation that PlayStation 4 Neo games will be compatible with that of the titles originally intended for the PlayStation 4. If the 100 percent backward compatibility pushes through, then it would surely be a very welcome sight for gamers.

Games just like "Uncharted 4" and "NBA 2K16" run on 900p/30FPS on the PlayStation 4. If this was to run on the new PlayStation 4 Neo with backward compatibility, then it would surely provide an even smoother gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 Neo Supports External HDD.

Now is the perfect time for Sony to take the next step and introduce the option of installing its own games through the use of an external hard drive. The Xbox One has this option.

What better way to compete with Microsoft than to have their feature and improve on it?

PlayStation 4 Neo with a Larger and Faster HDD

The PlayStation 4 Neo features a 5400 RPM drive, which is arguably slower than the PS4 Neo's. The PlayStation 4 also goes with just a standard storage space of 500GB.

This is surely a turn off if one was to compare it with Microsoft's Project Scorpio that runs on a faster RPM drive and has over 2TB of internal storage.

PlayStation 4 Neo and a Longer Battery Life

PlayStation 4 uses a much-improved version of the Dualshock 3, the Dualshock 4. However, many PlayStation fans are apprehensive about the controller's battery life.

Despite the DualShock 4 controller having rechargeable batteries, it would surely be a hassle to keep on charging it over and over again. This issue needs to be taken seriously, in order for Sony to seal the deal with PlayStation gamers out there.

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