‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 To Air This Month; Saitama’s Powers Vanish As He Fights With Lord Boros, Genos And Amai Mask

“One Punch Man’s ” rise to stardom earned millions of viewers who are currently in great anticipation of its second installment. The impending season is worth the wait of every fan as it might hit our screens anytime this month with a powerful treat of battles waiting ahead of Saitama.

Season 2 To Premiere This September?
In a related article of iTech Post, Yusuke Murata’s phenomenal series was forecasted that official statements about the latest season will be released this month and the potential air date will be on October or November.

However, fans of the manga show might have an early Halloween treat as speculations tend to focus on this month instead. Should this come to fruition, Saitama fans will surely jump to joy.

Madhouse is yet to give its final words and we’re having high hopes for the soonest time possible.

Saitama’s Powers Diminish In The Height Of His Battles
Will Saitama maintain his strongest punch in the many battles that await him?

Season 2 is slated to feature his ultimate fight with Lord Boros and the latter is depicted to outpower him as caused by his defeat from the past season. Genos, believed to be Saitama’s comrade will also exchange blows with him. This is not surprising as Genos often request for a fight with his master previously. With the battle that await the master and his servant, Genos’ character is likely to shift into a villain, thus breaking his loyalty to Saitama.

Other villains lined up to clash with Saitama are first class villains Amai Mask and Garou.
Saitama may be outnumbered but the protagonist that he is, we can be assured that he will be able to rise from temporary downfalls.

These spoilers are but thrilling and nothing short of excitement. Guess we are up with a refined and more stunning fight scenes in the upcoming season huh.

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