PlayStation 4 Pro And What It Means For Gamers; Supports 4K Gaming, 1TB Hard Drive And $400

Sony has finally unveiled the most sought-after news by avid game enthusiasts as Andrew House, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment presented the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation 4 Slim in the recently-held PlayStation Meeting. The PlayStation 4 Pro is finally unveiled and is literally a technological marvel, having a very good price of only $399.

It will be sold to the market together with the PlayStation 4, instead of replacing it. For gamers, this is a very good thing as they aren't required to buy one, but are just encouraged to acquire one. It makes a total difference, as it gives gamers the impression that they are not forced into spending an extra $399 just to be able to get a satisfactory gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Gaming

One of the most noticeable features that the PlayStation 4 Pro has is that it supports 4K gaming. Together with it is its improved GPU and clock rate as well as a whopping 1TB standard hard drive, the PlayStation 4 Pro would surely be one powerhouse video game console, giving it an obvious advantage over its direct competitor, the Xbox One S.

YouTube and Netflix will be in the PlayStation 4 Pro, making it not just function as a gaming console but as an all in one leisure package, reaching greater audiences and not just limiting it to gamers. Surely, customers will experience the next-gen video gaming experience, without having to just play games, but also just watch movies.

PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Games

The PlayStation event was marked with several surprising announcements as Sony unveiled an array of new games that are in the 4K format. These games are Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, For Honor, and a host of more video games that will surely entice one to buy the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn of Guerrilla Games is also one of the leading contenders of the game, as the gameplay of hunting robotic dinosaurs would surely be a spectacle to watch for gamers, knowing that it is in 4K.

The release of the PlayStation 4 Pro means a lot to gamers as this also means that the soon to be released PlayStation VR will be working in tandem with the newly released console. The Sony VR headset will be priced at $399 and will be out to the market on October 13.

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