'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Premieres PS4 Pro 4K Resolution; Gameplay Features Ubisoft Map Tower With TWIST

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is a new 4K resolution game that is set to be released following the debut of the 4K capable console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. The game trailer has already been brought out and the gaming console is expected to be released in November.

The gaming console was revealed in the PlayStation Meeting in Sept. 7, where the hardware manufacturer debuted a slimmer model of the standard PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro. During the event, the company also debuted the latest "Horizon: Zero Dawn" trailer at the event.

"The Horizon: Zero Dawn's" trailer features a completely new gameplay. Aloy, Horizon's protagonist is expected to look totally different in 4K, with her all-new head of physics-enabled locks and braids catching the wind as she moves.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn's" trailer also showed more lush foliage and physics-enabled environment. Clouds and mist have been added to improve lighting with the rays of the sun visible through the clouds, making it seem like gamers can see into a greater distance. Changes to the game can be seen in a direct comparison to standard PlayStation 4 gameplay spotted online, Game Rant reported.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn's" trailer also featured a map tower made popular by every Ubisoft open-world game. The Horizon's map tower's core concept is similar to other games' map towers with a twist; its map tower is a gigantic, moving robot-dinosaur. In the trailer, Horizon's Aloy can be seen climbing a synthetic animal with the goal of unlocking certain objectives and views in the vicinity.

The differences between "Horizon: Zero Dawn" gameplay for PS4 and PS4 Pro are yet to be seen. However, the visuals that were demonstrated in the "Horizon" trailer have already created a buzz among gamers for the upcoming project from Guerrilla Games, Gamespot reported.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is expected to be released on February 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4 and the newly revealed PlayStation 4 Pro. Meanwhile, watch the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" PS4 Pro gameplay demo here:

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