Pokemon Go Plus Launches Next Week, A Cheap Alternative To Pokemon Go On Apple Watch

Following Niantic Labs' remarkably popular mobile app, Pokemon Go Plus - Nintendo's wrist-band or shirt-pin accessory for Pokemon Go, will be rolled out on Sept. 16 'in most countries' as Niantic announced last night.

Niantic adds that the device will soon to follow this year in 'a few South American territories,' Polygon.com reports.

Why just now?

Originally, Nintendo intended to launch it altogether with the Pokemon Go app which was done July 2016. The delay of the accessory's launch was caused by the urge for more time to develop, specifically with the aspect where Pokemon Go and the accessory communicate and effectively work with each other. Additionally, it may have been linked to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto's concept on game development time which states, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".

How do we get it?

Pokemon Go Plus will retail at $34.99. It can be worn either as a pin or a wrist band, or watch so to speak. It will be compatible with both iOS and Android versions of the game. The purpose of this accessory is to allow Pokemon Go trainers to play the game without taking their phones out. It connects via Bluetooth Smart, the same technology used for fitness and health apps. The accessory then alerts users to the nearby Pokémon presence and PokéStops. Players can then capture Pokemon or collect items from Pokestops by just interacting with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, no need to do swipes on smartphones.

How about Apple Watch?

Niantic also announced yesterday that it will also roll out Pokemon Go to the Apple Watch, replicating most of the Pokemon Go Plus' functionality but it is noteworthy that you cannot catch a Pokemon via the Apple Watch alone as of this writing. Pokemon Go Plus would be the cheaper alternative if you don't have the Apple Watch yet which costs around $369.

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