Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server Launch Date Revealed

Just a couple of weeks ago, Massive announced their plans of making Tom Clancy's The Division bug-free. And in order to achieve such goal, they sought the help of the community. They also revealed their aim to unleash a Public Test Server, which will give players access to any upcoming features and/or updates prior to the release. And now, it has an official release date.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Tom Clancy's The Division fans were given the chance to join the Elite Task Force in Sweden. The goal: To help the development team bring the game back to its former glory. One of the most notable things they're planning to do alongside update 1.4 is the so-called Public Test Server.

The idea behind the aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division server is to offer access to any upcoming contents and updates, among others. Players will gain a preview of these prior to their respective release dates. Of course, the main purpose is to anticipate any possible frustration and disappointment -- two terms that have heavily defined the game over the course of months.

According to Inquisitr, the developers of Tom Clancy's The Division will host a live stream event. The purpose is to discuss the current status quo of update 1.4. From the kinds of bugs it'll address down to the possible new features it'll offer, these will be covered. More so, players will be given a concrete knowledge as to why these changes are being made.

Most important of all, the highly anticipated Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server will commence on September 19. However, there's a so-called invite-only technical test, which will begin come September 15.

It should be noted, though, that the said Tom Clancy's The Division server will only be made available throughout PC (for owners who applied the Elite Task Force). This is to ensure that all client and downloading processes for the said platform as players test update 1.4. Currently, Massive is still evaluating all particulars needed to bring the Public Test Server to consoles.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server? Do you think it should be brought to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well? Let us know your thoughts at the comment section below!

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