Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Survival To Feature New Faction, Equipped With Heavy Armor

Although Tom Clancy's The Division developers are busy working on fixing the game, they still have lots of stuff to offer. The upcoming DLC called Survival is said to feature a new faction. And sure enough, this is no ordinary group of sorts, as they feature some cool, heavy armor. They're deemed as the Hunters.

Obviously, this should come as a great news for most of Tom Clancy's The Division fans. Well, they actually need some lift, most especially after the delay of Survival and Last Stand DLCs. It should be noted that the aforesaid expansions were postponed, as Massive looks to focus its attention in fixing the game.

According to Gamepur, the new Tom Clancy's The Division faction called Hunters were confirmed during the PAX West event. A brand new concept art was presented, while various low-profile revelations were made. Unfortunately though, nothing much was unveiled about the aforementioned faction's core details.

Nevertheless, many Tom Clancy's The Division fans believed that Hunters are basically heavy armored. Or perhaps a right mix of the Last Battalion and the Cleaners. They could somehow sport a good set of weapons (i.e. snipers, shotguns, etc.). Moreover, this group could feature some techy stuff, only that they won't be aesthetic.

While everything about the new Tom Clancy's The Division faction remains a mystery, it's said that Ubisoft will make further announcement about it sooner or later. Or, in one way or another, it'll be made official come September 13. The latter is when both the studio and Massive will reveal the very core of update 1.4, which is slated for a release in October.

What are your thoughts on this new Tom Clancy's The Division faction? What other features do you think it'll introduce? Are you excited for the arrival of the Hunters? Be sure to let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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