DotA 2 Pro Player Miracle On Recent OG Split: 'They Are Like A Family To Me'

The biggest and the greatest DotA 2 eSports event called The International 2016 has just recently concluded. It proved to be a massive success, as players from around the world compete for the ultimate prize. But with every ending, there's drama. Teams have to regroup -- reshuffle in a sense -- so as to find the right key to achieve success in their next journey. And most certainly, Miracle from (former) OG is no exception. The 9K MMR superstar has to take the backseat and move toward a new direction.

OG became one of the most successful eSports team in the history of DotA 2 gaming. Winning majors after majors (with The Manila Major being the most recent), they entered this year's The International as a force to be reckoned. Sure enough, during the early stages of the tournament, they showcased their prowess. Unfortunately, in a battle against TNC Pro Team (from Philippines), their journey became one of the biggest upsets -- losing, that is.

Of course, there's still much left for Miracle -- be it on DotA 2 or his private life. After all, a resume of 9K MMR is such a huge thing. Any team he'll belong to will surely have a greater percentage of winning. But really, what's up with Amer Al-Barkawi (his real name)?

In an interview with Red Bull, Miracle discussed his current DotA 2 career following his recent departure with OG. He mentioned about TI6 as a jumpstart of his "professional career" and that he has no other interest than being a pro gamer.

Miracle also noted about how difficult it is to play pub games in DotA 2 nowadays. That playing solo can be a make or break, depending on the game's tempo. He talked about how some players tend to either abandon or feed, making the entire gameplay tough.

As of this writing, Miracle's life doesn't just involve DotA 2. Unlike in the past (where he have to undergo massive practice sessions and whatnots), he's now all about enjoying life with his friends and families. They'll either go to a mall or simply chill out at various places.

When asked about his take on the recent OG break-up, he said that he totally understands the situation, albeit what most DotA 2 fans say. That despite the decision being tough to chew, it's for the better. Miracle initially thought that he'll stay with the team, but as soon as he noticed someone was about to leave and that they will no longer stay together, he opted to walk out as well.

Miracle iterated, however, that there are no ongoing issues of whatsoever, contrary to what the DotA 2 community believe. He even still treats them as brothers -- a family in particular. "They are like a family to me," he said as he ended the interview.

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