'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 361 News And Updates: Togashi Fired? New Writers To End Series' Hiatus?

Fans have been waiting for a quite a while now for the release of the hit manga series "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 361. Unfortunately, the beloved series is in hiatus yet again, this time indefinitely.

"Hunter x Hunter" has been on break multiple times in the past mostly due to its writer, Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition. This time, the famed writer was allegedly dismissed by Viz Media in order for him to focus on recovery.

It can be recalled that Togashi has been suffering from recurring back pain and was believed to be getting worse over the years. The said condition caused a major delay in production particularly in chapters 360 and 361.

There are also speculations that the publishers of the "Hunter x Hunter" series hired new writers to pick up where Togashi left off, especially since fans should not be kept waiting for chapter 361 and the upcoming ones. The publishers will allegedly reassign Togashi as a consultant to work alongside the new writers.

However, it was also reported that Togashi was not happy with the output, thus prompting publishers to reassess their next move. For now, everything was put on hold until further notice.

It can be recalled that the "Hunter x Hunter" series was on break around 2014 and just recently returned in April this year. The manga's 360th  chapter titled "Parasite" was rumored to be the last in the series.

In said episode, Kurapika had encountered the Nen beast parasites and focused on finding out the culprit behind the suspicious deaths in the Black Whale. Many believed that "Hunter x Hunter" chapter 361 will follow the progress of the said investigation. A fight between Kurapika and the Nen beasts is also expected to take place.

Fans keep their fingers crossed that Togashi can pull off a March-April 2017 release.

As of this writing, no confirmation has been made yet. It still remains unclear whether Togashi or the new writers will be the one working for "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 361.

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