iPhone 7 US Carrier Deals: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile And Sprint Plans

On September 7, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For the most part, it was as the general public expected. And while there was some definite backlash, there are still millions of individuals that cannot wait to get their hands on the unit. For now, the question is not whether the handhelds will sell. Instead, it is about where the public will make their purchases.


According to iPhone 7 Updates, AT&T has quite a few offerings that come with the iPhone 7. One of them is by paying the sales tax for the unit upon purchase, with monthly installments following. The second option, is that buyers can pay the sales tax, along with 30 percent of the unit's price, which lowers the monthly payments tremendously. Another, is a trade in. this way, customers can exchange their old iPhone and pay the difference between the units.

Of course, AT&T still has the normal 24-months contract available for the iPhone 7. Clients can also opt to just pay for the entire unit upfront.


As iDigitalTimes notes, Verizon also offers a trade-in option. However, the carrier does accept other phones for the exchange - Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge/edge+, HTC M9, iPhone 6, LG G4 and LG V10. The price of the trade-in depends on the unit swapped for the iPhone 7, as well as the condition. There is also a $20 activation fee and a $20 upgrade fee, should customers opt to upgrade the plan.

A 24 month plan is also available, at the following prices:

  • iPhone 7 (32GB) Price: $27.08 a month
  • iPhone 7 (128GB) Price: $31.24 a month
  • iPhone 7 (256GB) Price: $35.40 a month
  • iPhone 7 Plus(32GB) Price: $31.24 a month
  • iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) Price: $35.40 a month
  • iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) Price: $39.58 a month


Meanwhile, T-Mobile also has a trade-in option, that leaves customers with a little more room to breathe. Individuals who bring in their iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S or 6S Plus can get the iPhone 7 32GB for free. For the iPhone 7 128GB, there is an additional $100 payout. The iPhone 7Plus 32GB requires $120, while the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB goes for $220. The unit, however, needs to be able to properly turn on, must not have a shattered screen and must not be water logged.

Furthermore, those interested will need to sign a 24 month no cost finance agreement. The agreement will basically state that a T-Mobile will give the customer a monthly credit on the T-Mobile bill, thereby theoretically refunding the cost of the device.


Sprint's plan is a mirror if T-Mobile's, albeit with some added features. For instance, Sprint will also accept either a Samsung Galaxy S7, or a Samsung Galaxy S7 for the trade in. Furthermore, there is a $30 activation fee to be paid.

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