2016 MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 2 News: Everything Apple Missed And When The Public Will See Them

On September 7, Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series. For better or worse, these two gadgets struck the world awake. While others praised the gadgets for their simplistic beauty and new features, others poked fun at the Cupertino-based company for its lack of foresight and innovations. And yet, even with all the media attention, Apple left two particular gadgets out of the roster, such as the 2016 MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro 2.

2016 MacBook Pro

One of the more expected gadgets to come from Apple's event was the 2016 MacBook Pro. And yet, CEO Tim Cook left the much needed update completely off the stage. The public is now left wondering when exactly that rumored OLED touchpad would make its way to the market?

According to C|Net, the device will not be coming until 2017. The only upside to this already late delay is that the revamped MacBook Pro is said to be coming with a new iMac and MacBook Air.

iPad Pro 2

Cook also did not announce anything that will be included in the iPad line - iPad Air or iPad Pro. As noted by Bloomberg, it is not likely for Apple to make an addition to its current line of tablets until next year as well.

What is expected then, however, is a new 10.5inch iPad Pro. Furthermore, the current 12.9inch iPad Pro 2 and the 9.7inch iPad are suspected to get upgrades.

Missing iPhone 7 Features

Despite the changes and improvements that Apple made to the iPhone 7 - which includes a better battery, a battery camera and wireless earphones - there were still relatively simple expectations that the company did not meet.

One feature is the AMOLED screens, which Apple's competitor has already adopted. Another is the option to wirelessly charge the unit, which other players in the smartphone market have mastered. However, it is very possible that Apple is holding out on these pieces of technology for the iPhone 8.

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