AT&T iPhone 7 Not Supported By Verizon Or Sprint Due To Intel Chip

Consumers might want to hold off on buying the iPhone 7 from AT&T. If ever they want to switch from one carrier to another in the future, AT&T might not be the best choice.

Apparently, AT&T's iPhone 7 has integrated intel chip that locks it exclusively to the carrier. Whether it is intentional or not, the reasoning behind this permanent decision is still unknown for now. Even though Apple's iPhone 7 is one of the hottest topics online even before its release, many have bombarded the flaghship phone with criticisms just weeks away from its launch.

However, since its official release, everyone seems to be singing a different tune. In fact, most iOS users found the new design to be so sexy, according to a report published on CNET.

The intel chip integrated into the AT&T iPhone 7 does not allow the sexiest smartphone to function with other GSM and CDMA network even if the gadget was already unlocked. Although PC World reports, the iPhone 7 is purchased directly from Apple's website and customers can choose Verizon as their carrier. iPhone 7 units purchased through the official Apple website still function well even if a customer were to decide to switch network providers in the future. It's no secret that other than Verizon, the next best choice is AT&T and the rest just follow in random order.

The main reason for this headache is due to Apple's decision to switch to intel for select iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models. By this, it means that AT&T models are included as well. Unfortunately, CDMA standards in the United States aren't supported by intel modems. This is also likely to be the reason why T-mobile and AT&T phones are usually limited only to GSM networks.


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