PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One S: Which one is the better buy?

By Jomar Teves , Sep 12, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

Gamers can now get Microsoft's Xbox One S, while Sony's PS4 Pro releases on Nov. 10. The two gaming console rivals have several crucial differences, and it is good to know which one is worth purchasing. Presently, here's the latest about Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, specs, cost, and which the ultimate bang is for your buck.

Which is more cost-efficient?

It is important to first talk about the price of the two new consoles. The PS4 Pro costs $399. With that value, Sony's latest console has an intense system that beats Microsoft's Xbox One S. On the other side, the Xbox One S is just $299. The additional hundred dollars that buyers can spare from this console could go for a second controller and a new game. If the price isn't much of a matter, buyers should go for the PS4 Pro which has the horsepower advantage over the Xbox One S. However, the Xbox One S is an absolutely budget-friendly equipment that features a built-in Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player.

Which has the better overall performance?

In terms of processor, the Xbox One S, and PS4 Pro are both equipped with an 8-Core AMD Jaguar CPU, which is partnered with 8 GB of RAM. The difference is in graphics performance, as the PS4 Pro's 4.2 teraflops of GPU is much more powerful than the Xbox One S' Radeon, according to IGN. The Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player of Xbox One S is relevant for buyers that have Ultra-HD TVs because they can play their favorite games at 4K resolution, about four times the pixel count of 1080P games on HD TVs.

The Verdict

Overall, the Xbox One S seems to be a much better console than PS4 Pro. It's cheaper, and its base model is bundled with five games: Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and Halo 5. Microsoft will also release its own "Pro" console next year, which is rumored to be more powerful than these two consoles combined.

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