PlayStation 4 Slim vs PlayStation 4 Pro: Which Sony Console Is The Better Buy?

Sony has just unveiled to the world its new array of next-gen video game consoles with the likes of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation 4 Slim. With this, it is expected to surpass the success of Microsoft's Xbox One S console, thanks to the 4K gaming that the PlayStation 4 Pro promises to have. However, it's not just all about the Pro version, as the PlayStation 4, Slim is also a huge contender.

PlayStation 4 Slim: What's in it?

The PlayStation 4 Slim is literally a small-scale version of the original PlayStation 4. However, it does not feature 4K gaming experience. The PlayStation 4 Slim is considerably a much portable video game console thanks to the newly positioned hard drive and a spaced out rear panel.

Also, the Power and Eject buttons are now labelled and more visible. The PlayStation 4 Slim supports HDR TV with the help of a firmware upgrade next week, giving users a more immersive experience.

PlayStation 4 Pro: What's in it?

The PlayStation 4 Pro is obviously the best video game console there is, thanks to its own 4K gaming resolution and HDR display. It has been called as the PlayStation 4 Neo for months, but now is officially named as the PlayStation 4 Pro and is set for a November 10 release priced at only $399.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is equipped with twice as much power than the original PlayStation 4, making games look more magnificent. With it comes a 1TB hard drive, which is again twice the storage of the old PlayStation 4.

With regards to the overall gaming experience, the PlayStation 4 Pro will have the advantage over the PlayStation 4 Slim as it has faster frame rates, a 4K resolution and a justifiable price difference of $100 price premium than the more portable version.

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