‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy System [RED FLAG]: Players Not Allowed To Place Buddy In The Gym

"Pokemon Go" buddy system begins to roll out across the world. With that, every player is expected to learn more regarding the mechanisms of the new feature, including the fact that the new buddy Pokemon will not be allowed inside the gym.

According to reports, the updated version of Pokemon Go will allow the players to select one Pokemon in their Pokedex to become their "buddy." The new Pokemon is going to appear next to the player's avatar at all times, and will also walk with them throughout the game.

In addition to building a connection with a Pokemon such as Pikachu and Ash, the other advantage that has been noted is that, walking in certain distances in the game will allow the players to earn candy rewards. These candy rewards will eventually be used to evolve the Pokemon.

However, it is also important for the players to understand that making a Pokemon as their buddy would mean it must stick with them throughout the entire game. This also means that their Pokemon buddy is not allowed to be placed in the gym as their defender.

Nevertheless, the players may still use their buddy Pokemon to fight in gyms, although they are not allowed to use it to defend one. According to reports, allowing it may separate the buddy Pokemon from the player, and that the concept is the players should be with their buddies at all ties.  

"Pokemon Go" buddy system is reportedly not available yet in the app stores for most of the players. With that, everyone is still learning how it works, and several questions are currently raised.

There are "Pokemon Go" reports claiming that some players are getting several candies through one walk with their buddy Pokemon, with "Pokemon Go" confirming that their buddy has found the candy. Nevertheless, it is not clear yet how this new system actually works. Watch buddy system update in "Pokemon Go" here:

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