Overwatch Competitive Play: How To Get Out of ELO Hell

Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 is ongoing right now. Here are some tips for Overwatch players stuck in ELO hell.

What is ELO?

It's a chess ranking system named after Arpad Elo. Video games like Overwatch used them in competitive plays. An Overwatch Reddit forum user posted a formula on how Blizzard computes a player's Elo placement. In layman's terms Overwatch players get Elo ratings based on their individual and team performance.

In Overwatch, most of the players theoretically stuck in ELO hell are in the middle or lower skill rank of the game. It is a team sport and a group success in matches also means success for the individual players. Many Overwatch players complained that their ELO ratings are not improving because they are stuck with "inferior" team mates. This can certainly affect their ELO rating. Ultimately, only the player can get himself out of ELO hell.

Tips To Get Out Of Overwatch ELO Hell

Be a team player - In Overwatch, characters are categorized by their functions. For example, Mercy mainly works as support to other team members. She stays behind them in order to heal them or increase the damage they dish out. Players who use Mercy should keep these in mind.

Improve Your Skills - Players who improved their skills will have better chance of improving their ELO rating than simply complaining about it, according to Force Gaming. This means playing better in the game, communicating with fellow team mates and doing their best to complete the objective.

Develop Team Cooperation - Cooperation between team members is crucial since their victory bring every player close to an ELO promotion. It would be best if every player do his or her best to avoid picking a fight with fellow team mates. Bickering in the team usually has disastrous consequences during the Overwatch competitive matches.


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