PlayStation 4 Update: Firmware 4.0 Codenamed "Shingen" Coming to PS4 September 13; Here Are What The Updates Contain

The next major update to the PlayStation 4 console from Sony is just a day away after having been disclosed last month while the update was still at its beta. Codenamed "Shingen," PlayStation 4 owners who will be updating their units will have them updated to PS4 version 4.0. But like previous updates that occur for the PlayStation 4 console, this recent PS4 update from Sony is more than just a change in the firmware number, there is more to it than that: improved library, user interface refresh, added folders, the ability to update the Quick Menu and Share Menus, and more.

For those who are eagerly anticipating the console's High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility as a previously announced feature that came with the news about the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, that same feature will now be added to users who would update their unit. The HDR feature will be seen as an added feature in the system's Video Output Settings which users who also owns a compatible display could use.

Digital music savvy who use their PlayStation 4 consoles for music will now experience an enhanced version of the Music section of the unit-a feature which will appear in the Quick Menu-that allows you full control of your music by sifting through your list and also see through recommended playlists.

While not yet officially released until November 10 this year, the PlayStation 4 Pro also will benefit on this major update-predictably will be its default firmware version once launched-by tapping on its feature like:

  • Transfer date from one system to another via LAN, apart from the Cloud
  • A variety of 1080p streaming capability at 30 to 60 FPS such as for Remote Play on compatible devices like the PC, Mac, and certain Sony smartphones, SharePlay, and live broadcast on YouTube and Twitch

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