Instagram Working On iPhone 7 Plus-Specific Features Due Its Innovative Dual Lens Camera

Instagram just keeps surprising its users. The social networking photo-sharing app recently allowed its users to zoom in on pictures,  it has released Instagram stories, a Snapchat-like feature that got users the latter's supporters to scream copycat. Instagram is at it again and now they are currently working on an iPhone 7 Plus-specific features that will complement the flagship's innovative dual lens camera.

Since the iPhone 7 made waves over the web and the news before its release, Ian Spalter, who happens to be the head of design at Instagram, found an interesting way to improve the photo-sharing app while taking advantage of the innovative dual lens camera from the iPhone 7 Plus.

As reported by Teen Vogue, during the iPhone 7 release at the Apple event, Ian Spalter appeared on stage and gave a demonstration about the new iPhone 7 plus specific features for instagram.

2016 iPhone 7 Plus Specific Features For Instagram

The new iPhone 7 plus specific features coming to Instagram is most useful when users are planning to share their snaps on stories. The innovative dual lens camera on the iPhone 7 plus will be activated when users drag their finger up and down on the screen while using Instagram.

Since the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus both have Haptic feedback, which lets you know how far users have zoomed in, this iPhone 7 Plus-specific feature on Instagram can help users stay in 2x optical zoom offered by Apple's innovative dual lens setup on its latest flagship.

Innovative Dual Lens Camera Designed Filters

If you think that's all Instagram prepared for you, then you are in for another surprise. The current filters that you so love will be redesigned so it can work well with the iPhone 7 Plus' innovative dual lense sensors and wide gamut color detection. Soon you can say hello to more hues and more vivid shots for the gram, Mac Rumors reports.

iPhone 7 Plus Live Photos And GIFs

GIFS are now possible especially with iPhone Live Photos, we can all say thank you to the Live Photos API. You can now turn your photos into GIFS without having to log on to the Instagram Boomerang app. With the Live Photos API on the iPhone Live Photos, the photos shot from the default iPhone camera will automatically morph into Boomerangs.

Apple and Instagram seem to have a good strategy in combining Apple's underlying technology and the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app's creativity. It's evident that the partnership between Apple and Instagram is clearly working very well to their advantage. With the hardware that Apple provides and Instagram's power to turn anything into art, it's definitely a hit to the hundreds of millions of smartphone users across the planet.

Other than that, before these iPhone 7 Plus-specific features gets released, Instagram is giving their users a weapon to fend off internet bullies. The Instagram blocklist allows the users to filter off nasty and negative comments from their followers.


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