NBA 2K17 Prelude Now Downloadable For PS4 And Xbox One, Features Career Mode

Things are starting to get interesting with NBA 2K17, most especially with its release date nearing. Now, the highly anticipated Prelude is ready for download, giving players the thrill of opening moments. And not just that. The feature also introduces the so-called Career Mode. Here's what these are all about.

According to One Angry Gamer, the playable NBA 2K17 intro called Prelude is now up for grabs on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Through this, fans of the upcoming title will have the chance to experience the excitement of opening moments. Although it arrived prior to its release, it's currently unavailable for the PC platform.

In its most organic form, the NBA 2K17 Prelude gives fans a head start of the titular mode called MyCareer. It basically allows them to pick a college institution according to their own preferences. Moreover, they'll be able to play prior to the transmission of progress over to the final game. Without a doubt, this a feature worth trying for.

It is worth noting that this if the very first time that NBA 2K17 players will experience the thrill of MyCareer. In the previous installments, fans are not able to utilize the aforesaid feature prior to the official launch. The game's Prelude is reportedly designed to give the community a detailed introduction to the said mode. It'll place the players in the spotlight of an epic basketball storyline.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, a new NBA 2K17 trailer was released recently by EA. It features Paul George along with the other players in the league, seemingly assembling for the forthcoming season. The footage is titled Time To Assemble, featuring the said players in a high tech 2K facility.

VideoGamer, on the other hand, reports that NBA 2K17 has a new process in scanning faces into the game. From now on, players will have to download and use the MyNBA2K17 app (both on iOS and Android). It sports the facial scanning technology built exclusively for the upcoming title.

What are your thoughts on NBA 2K17 and The Prelude? Are you excited for its arrival? What are your expectations? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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