Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Ignore Recall Despite Several Explosion Incidents

Just when we thought that Samsung was at an all-time high with its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge blowing up in sales, the Samsung galaxy gear S3's release and its incredible features, the next thing you know the news blows up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices literally blowing up and initiating a worldwide recall.

2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Issues

All of us were expecting that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has nothing on the Galaxy Note 7. In fact, we were pretty sure that the Samsung Gear S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will trump anything that Apple will release at IFA 2016 and the Apple event itself, but boy, were we all wrong!

Just a few weeks before the iPhone 7's scheduled release, Samsung made headlines about a Galaxy Note 7 recall. There have been news that it's been exploding while being hooked up in the charger and on a boy who was injured in Brooklyn because the phone exploded in his hands, as reported by Complex.

Galaxy Note 7 Banned From Major Airline Companies After Several Explosion Incidents

Not only did Samsung's latest flagship device cause explosions and injuries, with those news flying around - the Galaxy Note 7 made it to the no-fly list or at least, the list of flight hazards. Unfortunately, major airlines have instructed their passengers to either not bring their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the cabin or at least turn it off during the whole flight.

Stocks Plummet After Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Since the news about the Galaxy Note 7 recall broke out, Samsung stocks took a nose dive and have been plummeting ever since. We all can't help but wonder, will the brand ever recover? If so, how can Samsung ever recover from this? It seems like a hopeless question, but we all know that one way or another - Samsung will rise up again from the ashes of the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

Samsung Loses Points Against Apple in The Smartphone Scorebaords = 0 for Samsung, 1 for Apple  

Although Samsung can comeback from a series of scandalous incidents caused by their latest flagship, it is so obvious that the one company has seriously profited from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is Apple. As the saying goes, one man's loss is a gain for the other and in this case, Samsung's loss was a definite win for Apple especially when it was just days away from releasing their best flagship ever.

Samsung Fans Not Giving Up On Tech Company Even After Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Either Samsung Fans believe in the company and their products so much or they are just ignoring the Samsung's recall exchange program. The tech company has gone out of their way to communicate with Galaxy Note 7 owners by way of emails and calls to make sure they were aware of the recent issues with the device and if they were aware there was a recall exchange program for them.

According to a report published in Forbes, Samsung is taking all the responsibility in cleaning up their mess. They have reached out to Note 7 owners and they are hoping, everyone would cooperate because if anything happens to them after they've been notified that is out of the company's control.


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