Nintendo NX Information Finally Released; Console To Be Unveiled By October

Companies from all types of industries have taken to the practice of leaving the public out in the dark regarding new products until its official unveiling. But with the Nintendo NX expected to come out in the next few weeks, Nintendo has started to shed some light on its most mysterious console, which was first announced in early 2015.

What The Analysts Are Saying

As Tech Times notes, various analysts have come to the conclusion that Nintendo will release details on the Nintendo NX in the earlier days of October. This is only a few weeks from now, which has many loyalists excited at the opportunity to learn more about the highly anticipated console.

Furthermore, the October unveiling is highly probable because Nintendo has its eyes set on a March 2017 release. The six months will be just enough for the company to create just enough hype for the Nintendo NX, as well as properly guide the public on what to expect.

After all, Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime already admitted that the company needs to work on its communication skills when it comes to getting buyers ready for what they are purchasing.

Nintendo NX - Wild Guesses

At this point, it is practically accepted that the Nintendo NX will come with cartridges instead of discs. But as Express UK claims, the same has finally been confirmed. Another is that the NX controllers will sport advanced vibration technology, much like the Wii remote. What this means is that as opposed to just one strength of vibration, the same will differ based on the activity being done in the game.

Another popular claim is that the device will have customizable buttons, as well as detachable controllers and support for mobile games. This is mainly because the Nintendo NX is expected to be a hybrid console - one that is easy to carry around and play on, as well as powerful enough for a home dock.

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