HTC Vive To Launch At 2016 Tokyo Game Show

The upcoming 2016 Tokyo Games show just got more interesting, as HTC revealed that it will showcase its HTC Vive. For the duration of September 15 - 18, participants will be able to see just how different an experience virtual reality can provide to gaming. Furthermore, there will be products and all new different games that will debut with the VR platform.

A New Player

As Focus Taiwan notes, there are plenty of other players in the market that will make join the 2016 Tokyo Games Show. In particular is Micro-Star International Corp., which is a Taiwanese PC brand.

Micro-Star is expected to introduce its own product, the VR One, which the company is dubbing as the lightest VR backpack PC. More important than its portability, however, is that the PC is compatible with the HTC Vive.

Theoretically, the partnership between these two tech companies will provide users with a better VR experience, that will reportedly last for one a half hours per full charge.

The VR One should be ready for purchase by the end of October for about $2,205. However, the device will first hit the Taiwanese market before branching out to other locations.

Another Partnership

Nvidia is also expected to make an appearance at the 2016 Tokyo Games, with its own unique partnership with the HTC Vive, as reported by CTimes.

"We are very excited to team with the world's top virtual reality partners in the 2016 Tokyo Game Show," said HTC North Asia general manager Dong Junliang said. "And we will once again provide the high immersive virtual reality experience to customers via the world's most complete virtual reality system: HTC Vive."

A New Game

As CTimes reports, Square Enix is also expected to work with the HTC Vive at the event. More specifically, the game developer will release a VR version of "Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur," a popular android game.

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