'Pokemon Go' Update: More Success Despite 79% Paying Players Drop

Many have written that Pokemon Go will just be another fad passing by yet the game has awesomely managed to be profitable over the months after it was being released. Nonetheless, it would be undeniable that it also had substantial downfalls as well as high hits throughout its life-span.

To fortify the news on player pool drops, Slice Intelligence reports that Niantic has lost 79%, this time the demographic belongs to paying customers.

Look on the bright side

Though Pokemon Go had a staggering loss since its top days in mid-July, it still remains as the most profitable game for mobile devices currently up on the market, GameRant.com reports.

It seems that the game still holds a share of around 25% of the total spent for mobile games as of Sept. 3 despite the deep plunges stated earlier. Owning a quarter of the spending market for mobile titles is a crazy amount and would still be dominating.

More success

Pokemon property still has good news on top of the good news that was on top of the earlier bad news - quite confusing but read it again to understand. The same report also shows that the Pokemon merchandise benefited a huge leap when compared to its August 2015 performance. To cut it short, they earned 223% in just a year as a domino effect of Pokemon Go's success. Even Nintendo 3DS sales got sales boost because of the mobile app. This proves that Nintendo's plans to entice a broad customer base from the mobile market to pick up its hardware and merchandise has totally paid off.

Next venture

It would be obvious that Super Mario Run, another IP for Nintendo to run under the mobile app market, would adapt the strategy from Pokemon Go success in a hope that mobile users will still be encouraged to pick up Nintendo products that are not mobile app related - though this remains to be proven.

As for Niantic, there is still hope that the numbers will come back up with the new Buddy Pokemon system and other rumored features on the horizon. Come to think of it, they still are king of the mobile app hill.

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