Pokemon Go Update: Where Is The Buddy Pokemon System?

2016.09.11 - UPDATE: The Buddy Pokemon system is currently in the process of being updated . As per Niantic's update site. 

It has been already a bunch of days since the expected deployment of the Buddy System for Pokemon Go, and fans are still waiting and feeling a bit cranky.

As of the afternoon of Sept.9, the much awaited update has still not arrived in Google Play and App Store. It seems there will be no Buddy Pokemon as the weekend arrives. The much anticipated update for Pokemon Go was rumored to be rolling out either on the 5th or 7th of September basing on the fact that Niantic Labs announced that they will do bi-weekly updates and it has already been two weeks since the last release, Heavy.com reports.

The week is already closing and yet no sign of news from Niantic Labs with regards Buddy Pokemon for Pokemon Go as of this writing. It may be up in a few hours days or weeks, but as of this point fans are still wearing a frown.

Be patient, young grasshopper

It seems that the only statement right now that we can hold on to is that Buddy Pokemon will be rolled out soon and it is "just around the corner" as per post by Niantic Lab's official updates website.

But why isn't it out yet?

One explanation might be Niantic was just pressured to announce the sneak-peek about the Buddy System probably because of the rampant mining on the game's source codes predicting what will happen next. As developers, it is pressuring enough that ordinary users are able to check out and understand the back-end codes of their app output that you feel the need to suppress your clients' excitement thinking that they might over-react or over analyze what was really on those codes. In fact, there were articles presenting various proofs for Buddy Pokemon and other oncoming features.

With that said, Niantic Labs may have felt the urge to end the rampant speculation and finally make the news official, though much time is needed to implement these. There simply cannot be any room for miscalculation with Pokemon Go considering its phenomenal success plus peoples' expectations.

Another angle would be, the preparations for the Apple presentation which just happened days ago. Niantic's CEO, John Hanke presented at Apple's key note to introduce the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch. The presentation could require tons of man-power and Niantic only has around 50 employees.

Just look at the horizon, for now

The update will launch soon, hopefully. Apple's event is now over and presumably all Niantic staff can now focus on launching the Buddy System update.

What is the Buddy System, by the way?

Well, you can read all about it here. In summary, it is a new feature for Pokemon Go players to pick a 'buddy' from their Pokemon inventory. The buddy walks around with the player to earn candy, particularly for that Pokemon, per sets of kilometers travelled. Its advantage is that you no longer need to hunt for rare Pokemon for candy.

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