'PS4 Pro' Update: Resident Evil Looks A Lot Better On Pro

Capcom announces on Twitter that Resident Evil 7 will have exclusive features on the PlayStation 4 Pro such as HDR support and 4K resolution.

Though announced to release as a multi-platform (PS4, PC, and Xbox One), there seems to be a definitive edition announced as early as now in the form of a PS4 Pro version of the game. Those who want the most graphic quality in consoles (provided that PS4 Pro can't beat PC), might as well purchase a PS4 Pro and play the game there, Game Rant reports.

As stated on their Twitter account, Resident Evil 7 will support HDR and 4K resolution if played on PS4 Pro. As of this writing, it is not revealed if it can be played on 4K for the PC and/or the Xbox One S, based on the said tweet:

Frame rate?

Resident Evil 7 may run on 4K for PS4 Pro but the question on frame rate still remains as well as other performance areas so whether or not we will experience it on the modern preferred 60fps remains to be seen. As the headline suggest, it would 'look a lot better' on the PS4 Pro, performance would be another story.

On top of the 4K support, Resident Evil 7 will also support Playstation VR where you will experience a lot more scary hell than the usual big screen. Unfortunately, it is not confirmed if VR can be supported by the PC or Xbox One versions.

Why does it seem to be biased for the PlayStation brand?

Since Resident Evil had its roots planted on the PlayStation from its early days, Capcom favoring the PlayStation build for the 7th installment seems to be fitting. We hope that VR and 4K support will follow with the Xbox One and PC in the near future.

Resident Evil 7 will be out on Jan. 24 next year for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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