PS4 Pro Designed To Compete With PC, Not With Rival Consoles?

There are apparently no plans to introduce an upgrade to its PS4 anytime soon, Sony just recently announced.

In a dialogue with The Guardian, Andrew House, in-charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment, expressed: "We think that for a really substantial period of time [the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are] the PlayStation 4 lineup. We're very comfortable with that." IGN reports.

Due to this intriguing statement, some started to question if Sony and Microsoft - bound to release Project Scorpio next year, are gearing up towards something similar to an "Apple model" of frequent regular upgrades to their base hardware.

To add, Sony has said before that the PS4 Pro does not start a new console generation neither it is to blur the lines in between generations.The Sony head also clarified that the PS4 Pro has been intended, partly, to compete with the PC, rather than targeting its console rivals.

"I saw some data that really influenced me," House explained.

To further discuss, the said data implied that there is significance in a shift of players migrating from console to PC for the obvious reason that they want the best graphical experience. To confirm in quote:

"We wanted to keep those people within our eco-system by giving them the very best and very highest [performance quality]. So the net result of those thoughts was PlayStation 4 Pro - and, by and large, a graphical approach to game improvement."

As of this writing, it is important to note that the PS4 Pro will offer a boosted CPU clock rate with a 1 TB hard drive, and more than twice the power of the original PS4 GPU. It will also support 4K game output along with High Dynamic Range Imaging. The downside, however, is it will not play 4K Blu Rays.

PS4 Pro will be on shelves Nov 10 at $399. Are you upgrading your PS4 to the Pro version? Hit us with your comments below.

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