'Civilization 6' Release News: Gameplay Not Suitable For Children, ESRB Announced

"Civilization VI" was given E-10 rating by ESRB, which means that gamers can play the game if they are at least 10 years old. The board described the content of the game to involve drug launguage and reference, mild violence, and inappropriate themes for very young children.

"Civilization VI" gameplay is to allow players to put up their very own world through Information Age directly inspired by the Ancient Era. Players will then be prompted to establish their people's culture, territory, and technology.  The players' interaction with neighbouring "Civilization VI" nations will be possible in both civil negotiations and armed battles.

The upcoming "Civilization VI" game also features vocabulary as as adulterous, damn, prostitute, rape, incestuous, bastard, and hell. There will also be opium trade activities in the gameplay, ESRB reported. While the above mentioned vocabulary are still used in the  context of history, discretion and parental guidance must be implemented, especially with younger gamers.

"Civilization VI" further will add King Harald Hardrada, Great Viking, and the Mvemba a Nzinga the Kingdom of Kongo leader. Players can control any of these characters with reports pointing out distinct advantages when using any of them.

Meanwhile, "Civilization VI" is a lot different from the franchises that came before it. For example, there will be no more immortal Worker of days and will just be substituted with a Builder. The builder, reportedly has a lot more to offer in terms of strategy. Cities, on the other hand, will be unstacked, with numerous new Districts outside the city center.

In "Civilization VI," active progression will offer  players the extra strength to  speed up progress through completing the game world's activities. Ed Beach, the game's lead designer said, "It's the idea that having your units and cities achieve successes helps your civ unlock technological secrets and build a strong society," iDigital Times reported.

"Civilization 6" will be out on Oct. 21. Watch "CIVILIZATION VI" Official Announcement Trailer here:

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