'Pokemon Go' Buddy System: How To NOT Waste Candy With Reminders, Counterfeit App Warning

"Pokemon Go" update has started rolling out and it includes the Buddy Pokemon System that turned up in rumors before its release. This will allow players to select their own Pokemon that would appear with the trainer's avatar on the profile screen and will walk with the trainer.

The new feature was also made to give away candy that could be used in the evolution of Pokemon characters that could strengthen and completely alter the chosen Pokemon. It is seen as a very important decision to carefully consider which Pokemon to go on a journey, considering that different characters in "Pokemon Go" require a different distance to win candy. The chosen buddy Pokemon will also be strengthened by the journey, making it important for players to decide which Pokemon will benefit from this.

It should be noted in "Pokemon Go" that if a Pokemon is topped out in the power up department and cannot evolve, then the candy will not really be put to use. Likewise, if the Pokemon only needs a few candies to evolve, it would not be a good choice for a buddy.

Just like "Pokemon Go" hatching eggs, players need to keep the screen open, while walking to receive candy. Also, common Pokemon need to walk a shorter distance to get candy while the rare Pokemon need to go further for candy. For example, Pidgeys need to walk 1km for candy, 3km for Ivysaur, and 5km for Lapras.

"Pokemon Go" counterfeit apps for iOS have been spotted that is affecting millions of iPhone users. Trend Micro noted that bogus third-party stores like China-based Haima and Vietnamese-based HiStore.

Both have been successful in targeting "Pokemon Go" iPhone users by tricking them to install ad-laced impostor apps on their devices.  This became a reminder to iOS and Android gamers to get their games only from official sites like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Watch "Pokemon Go" Buddy System in Action here:

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