Why Pokemon GO Buddy Saves The Distance Players Walk

Niantic has just recently released the latest update, featuring the new Pokemon GO feature called Buddy System. As the name suggests, it allows players to choose a particular Pokemon that will serve as their companion or buddy throughout their adventures. While everyone knows that it gives trainers candies, most of them are wondering why the system saves the distance covered. Well, here's why.

In its most organic form, the Pokemon GO Buddy System gives players a good amount of candies whenever they reach a specific distance, as noted by Otakukart. The interesting part is that the feature actually saves the distance trainers walked with each of their Pokemon buddy. And this even happens after they opt to switch out creatures.

In one way or another, this could probably refer to a Pokemon GO Easter Egg that Niantic loves to hide. So there's a higher chance that the saving of distance walked will be used for any forthcoming updates.

Below are some of the possibilities this Pokemon GO Buddy Distance could offer:

  • A Pokemon GO Requirement -- If anything else, this could be a requirement to an evolution of sort. For instance, players can evolve their Pokemon Buddy into Umbreon, Espeon and Crobat, among others.
  • Allows players to change specific move-sets (or perhaps get a stronger one), if and only if they reach the required distance for a particular Pokemon.
  • Improves the IVs (known as Individual Values) of a Pokemon GO player's Buddy creature. This is, of course, through walking.
  • Unlocks the so-called Mega Evolutions. While this could really be an interesting feature to have, if it becomes a possibility, it won't arrive anytime soon.

Just because these aforementioned possibilities are yet to be confirmed, it doesn't mean Pokemon GO players can't make use of them. If they want to, they can always use stronger Pokemon, the ones equipped with better IV. That way, whenever this Easter Egg jumps in, players can benefit it right away.

What are your thoughts on the new Pokemon GO feature? How's the experience so far with the Buddy System? Do you think it's really going to offer something interesting in the future? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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