EA Mobile, Maxis, Bioware Merge To Form 'EA Worldwide Studios' Possibly Making A 'Pokemon Go' Competitor

There was reorganization at Electronic Arts (EA) yesterday as the establishment of EA Worldwide Studios was announced.

EA expresses that this change has been realized to further 'strengthen' their studios as well as their tech platform. They are looking forward to work on their new IP and branding by infusing EA Mobile and Maxis. This will be handled by Patrick Söderlund, PCInvation.com reports.

Meanwhile, Samantha Ryan takes over Bioware because of her infatuation towards RPGs and also her vast understanding of open-world adventure gaming. For those who of you who didn't know, Ryan is also Vice President for EA mobile so that now means Bioware is somewhat part of the merger as well.

EA's CTO Ken Moss, on the other hand, will now be in charge of the team responsible for the Frostbite Engine.

With the above stated, it seems that EA Worldwide Studios is packing a powerhouse of dev teams and leaders.

What are they going to do?

For starters, speculations about joining the Augmented Reality bandwagon would be one of the upcoming projects, following the success of Niantic's Pokemon Go. Also, EA was working on a project to compete against Pokemon Go but unfortunately, it got cancelled so this current organization might turn favors and have the project up again.

Second, the revelation of mid-gen hardware PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming Project Scorpio might be a trigger for these companies to merge. The idea of at least doubling a console's power might be a good catalyst to create games for or even compete against it.

As for certainty, no official word has been released by the newly-found EA Worldwide Studios as to what they plan to do but it would be safe to say they combined their talents and resources to tackle the video game market from casual to AAA gaming.

What's your idea about the merger's objectives? Hit us with your comments below.

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