iPad Pro Gets Price Cut, iPad Pro 2 Coming Up?

Apple missed mentioning any of the iPads during its September 7 event. However, these devices still received some fine tuning and some price cuts. As per reports that came after the event, all standard iPads with minimum storage got to double their storage sizes without moving the price. The iPad Pro on the other hand, was given its higher storage models considerable price cuts. These discounts may actually spark the issue that Apple is on the way to releasing a the iPad Pro 2.

iPad Devices Getting Discounts

According to a post from The Verge, the iPad Pro with 128 GB storage dropped $50 from its original price. Its 256 GB variant on the other hand, got a $100 discount. The iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 also got a $100 discount for their 128 GB variants.

iPad Pro 2 News

According to TechRadar, the iPad Pro 2 was expected at Apple's September event. However, it could also shift its release date to early 2017. What is known so far about the iPad Pro 2 is that it could come with a lighter and slimmer body. It would not also be impossible that just like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, the next iPad Pro would also be water resistant. The lack of a headphone jack is also a very big possibility.

Knowing how Apple usually universalizes its accessories, the iPad Pro 2 is most likely to use the air pods as well, alongside other iPhone 7 accessories. However, the iPad Pro 2 is also expected to come with more size variants. The source says that the devices may come with the usual 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch models. However, there could also be a 10.5 inch version added to the list.

iPad Pro 2 Release

Although Apple failed to give its fans some update on the iPad Pro 2, the discounts given to its older models my be enough of an indication that Apple is indeed preparing the market for new models. Nevertheless, this goes without saying that the rumors might make sense, but they still remain unverified.

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