Overwatch Competitive Season 2 Play Tip: How To Deal With Tilting

Overwatch competitive players can suffer from tilting while playing the game. Here are some tips on how to deal with it.

What is Tilting?

Generally, "tilting" is a mental state in which the Overwatch player lose consecutive matches due to some emotional issues or distractions. The loss is probably due to the player's over-aggressiveness or lack of focus in the game. Tilting is different from "triggered" in which an Overwatch players gets "ticked off" by other player's behavior or action, according to Stack Exchange forum.

Players Affected by Tilting

There are many kinds of Overwatch players ranging from casual to hardcore. Casual players generally, do not have any problems with tilting or triggered issues. However, players who want to attain a top rank in the Overwatch competitive plays do experience some pressure to perform well in the matches. They are the ones most susceptible to tilting.

Ways to Deal With Tilting

A short time away from the Overwatch game can help a lot. Player can take the time to cool down by taking a bathroom break, having a snack, drink or anything to keep your mind off Overwatch. The break could also help the player regain his focus back to the game, according to Overwatch Central.

Player could also use the time to analyze what happen during the matches. They could also seek the advice of other players in helping them strategize on how to avoid recurring mistakes done during the matches. Players who could not shake off their tilting problem tend to blame other players for their mistakes.

Others are suggesting switching to other games temporarily of course. There are lots of Blizzard games out there that players can go to such as Hearthstone, World of Warcraft or even Star Craft II. However, players can still play Overwatch despite their tilting problems. Instead of returning to matches, players can instead have some practice range sessions until they feel focused enough to return to the matches.

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