MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book 2: Rumor Against Rumor

The MacBook Pro 2016 and the Surface Book 2 are two of the most-anticipated laptops to arrive in the coming months. While none between Apple and Microsoft have confirmed the release of each of their laptops, rumors are quite strong about the upcoming announcements of these devices.

If reports are true, then it won't be impossible for the two competing companies to once again face head-to-head in the battle between their flagship computing devices.

MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors

According to an Inquisitr report, Apple is preparing the MacBook Pro 2016 for a significant overhaul, making the next version thinner and more powerful. The MacBook Pro 2016 is also expected to come with more efficient graphics and improved processor.

If reports are to be believed, the MacBook Pro is set to be announced by the year's fourth quarter. If so, this can help bring Apple's sales back to its feet. As per the Telegraph's report, the company's profits declined for two consecutive quarters. This means that if Apple does release the new MacBook Pro this 2016, it would come in such a perfect timing to save the company's sale.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Rumors

According to the source, the Surface Book has been a successful release from Microsoft. This is why the arrival of the Surface Book 2 is pretty much anticipated. As per recent reports, the Surface Book 2 is expected to have improved specs and better design.

The first generation bugs are also expected to be fixed in the second-generation device. Further rumors about the Surface Book 2 include the use of Kaby Lake chipsets and the alteration of the hinge that caused some troubles in the first Surface Book. 

Additionally, Microsoft is also expected to release at least one Surface Book 2 variant with 4K screen and VR support. For the release date, rumor has it that the device could come by spring of 2017.

MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book 2 Comparison

Clearly, when it comes to comparing the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 and the Microsoft Surface Book 2, it all boils down to one's preference. It's also a battle between operating systems. As a whole, it looks like the competition between the devices will be better than ever, considering that this is Microsoft' second Surface Book and all flaws should be fixed. This is also Apple's return to the laptop world after having been so silent since the release of the last MacBook Pro.

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