Google Pledges 'Zero Waste To Landfills' Initiative

Google has announced its pledge to achieve zero waste to landfills, partnering with UL Environment. UL will monitor the process of diverting waste from landfills. The waste diversion is not only with Google's data centers. The company's food waste also has a high diversion rate.

Six Data Centers Achieve 100 Percent Diversion Rate

Google has shared on their blog about the zero waste to landfill initiative. Six of their 14 sites have achieved 100 percent diversion rates. These are the data centers in Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Taiwan and Singapore. More than 10 percent of this rate is from waste to energy.

Globally, at least 86 percent of waste are being diverted away from landfills.

Their data center in Mayes County, Oklamaha is the first one to reach the Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. The said data center has used compactors in managing waste. It a project that does a double duty of reducing the waste and saving energy. It contributes to a more effective and efficient process.

Google also revealed that they recycle or reuse their equipment. Thus, extending its life instead of completely eliminating it. 52 percent of refurbished components were used for machine upgrades. Furthermore, they have resold about 2 million units into the market.

According to Engadget, Google's projects adapt to the constant change in waste procedures. There should be flexibility in dealing with this. As well as preparation for random new waste products.

The company admitted that the last 10 to 20 percent of waste diversion is hard to solve. Success can be achieved when the process is understood.

Google's Food Waste Management

Google has been using a software system called LeanPath. It is part of their large-scale composting program. LeanPath is installed in their kitchen for food waste management. It locates expired items, as well as over-produced and spoiled food. The said system has been helpful in Google's Bay Area campuses.

More than 392,492 pounds of food have been prevented from going into the waste stream. This is only over the past year.

Google is also leading in using an innovative Coffee Flour. The flour is made of discarded parts of the coffee cherry. Many of their kitchens use Coffee flour in making baked goods and other foods. According to Google, they want to utilize every ingredient. The nutrition in their food is also not compromised.

The company hopes that other companies will be encouraged. Google wants them to adopt the same practices in treating waste. These will help ensure a greener planet.

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