GTA 6 Developments Cancelled As Rockstar Shifts Focus To GTA 5

Lots of GTA 6 fans have been hoping for Rockstar to unleash the game. Heck, even an official announcement from the studio would be enough to stir their interests. Unfortunately, there are reports about the title being cancelled. And the main reason? Well, it's really simple -- the company just wants to focus on the fifth installment for now.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Rockstar didn't make it to the PlayStation Meeting, an event where GTA 6 has been rumored to be unveiled. In fact, many reports suggest that the decision not to attend the event in New York was due to the studio's plans to cancel any developments of the aforementioned title, as reported by Headlines & Global News.

In one way or another, the postponement of GTA 6 has surely surprised the expecting community. Heck, even Rockstar's absence in PlayStation Meeting is already enough to blow their steam. After all, they have since waited for the title to become a reality.

GTA 6 is said to be cancelled -- at least for the time being -- for the video game company to have utmost focus on GTA 5. Besides, the latter is still new in the market, so it's completely understandable if they choose to support it for now. If anything else, players can then expect new contents and/or updates for the fifth title in the franchise.

Now, the question that remains a mystery is the length of GTA 6 postponement. Or perhaps, the better question would be: Will it even be released? Either way, there's no absolute way of knowing. It's up to Rockstar to make the decision and inform the general public.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6 being cancelled? Do you still believe that Rockstar will eventually develop it in the future? If so, what features are you expecting to see? Do you think it'll be a massive hit? Let us know what you're thinking by using the comment section below!

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