Rockstar To Unveil GTA 6 Come Sept 7? Eva Mendes As Female Protagonist

If there's one thing that fans are hoping for Rockstar Games to develop, it's no other than GTA 6. The franchise proved to be a massive hit following its first release way back in October 1997. Since then, the studio reaped sales after sales. Now, rumor has it that the sixth installment could likely be unveiled come September 7 this week. And not just that, the female protagonist is said to be voiced by the titular Eva Mendes.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, GTA 6 is possibly looking to have an unveil window during Sony's PlayStation Meeting. The latter is where the tech giant will showcase the highly anticipated next-gen console called PS4 Neo.

In fact, such speculation about GTA 6 has already been teased via Twitter by a well-known industry insider named Tidux. The tweet came with a cryptic message, coupled with a guitar and star. And what makes it even more interesting? It came with a hashtag #PSM, which could refer to PlayStation Meeting.

If GTA 6 players are to look at it closely, the guitar could mean the term "rock." As for the star, well, the name suggests it already. So, in a sense, it's referring to Rockstar. Moreover, the studio's parent company Take-Two Interactive has already confirmed the existence of future projects. And this revelation only further cement the possibility of the next Grand Theft Auto title.

If GTA 6 indeed gets unveiled on the said date, then there are lots of interesting stuff to look forward to. Among these is the possibility of the game being introduced on both PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio. And if this is the case, then the supposed title could run on a 1080p 60FPS setting. Or perhaps, it'll offer a 4K version. Either way, these are surely details that will excite the community.

TweakTown, on the other hand, reports that GTA 6 will introduce a female protagonist. And the voice behind it? Well, it's no other than the famous Eva Mendes. While this could be taken as a grain of salt, it's definitely something new to the franchise as a whole. Take note: Neither of the previous games offered a female character.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6? Do you believe Rockstar will finally unveil it during PlayStation Meeting? What do you think about having a female protagonist? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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